Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I just diagnosed myself with a premature case of the Fever. 

Spring Fever.

 As far as I know, the only cure for this strain of fever is sunshine, taken in copious amounts.


It is only the beginning of February, and I am sitting on my back porch, comfortably dressed in a t-shirt and capris.  We are in the Sierras.  Shouldn't it be snowing?  

Days spent skiing have been minimal since we've been back this semester, and I have found myself engaged more in non-snow-related activities due to our lack of recent storms.  When I feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders, it makes it almost impossible for me to stay indoors.  When I finish my classes each day, Renee and I have been spending our afternoons either climbing, bouldering, running, or biking.  

If  Mumsy is reading this, she is probably wondering if her daughter ever studies.  Well Mumsy, yes, I still take time to study.  In fact, lately I have been integrating studying with recreation. 

Look mom, no hands.
A Sunday afternoon ride OR an EMT study session?

I have finally figured out my "learning/studying" style.  I know that I have a hard time being still, especially when there is daylight to be used.  Over the past few years I have also discovered that my mind studies best and can concentrate better when my body is exhausted.  I am thankful that I am not in elementary school right not, otherwise I would probably be diagnosed with some hyperactivity disorder.

Those study tactics have been working well for me so far.  The past few weeks I had been preparing for my EMT National Registry exam, which I took yesterday.  Last fall I was in FRC's EMT class, but passing the class alone did not make me an EMT; I still had to pass the National Registry to become nationally certified.  The exam yesterday was my first experience with computerized adaptive tests, and it had to be the most brutal test I have ever taken.  When you arrive at the testing center, they almost put you through more security than the TSA.  Palm vein scans and pat-downs aside, the test itself leaves you feeling like a complete failure.  There is not a set number of questions on the exam; the computer just abruptly ends the test when it knows if you have met...or fallen short...of passing criteria.  When the computer shuts off, you feel like you failed, then you have to endure the agonizing two days while you wait for the final verdict.

This morning, like usual, I woke up before the sun.  I shuffled down the stairs and began my normal morning routine.  I decided to check my account to see if my fate had been posted.  Pass or fail; I was eager to know. I figured it was probably too early for the site to be updated, but I was going to check regardless.  When I logged on I read the words, "re-certification by test" on my home page.  My heart sank, because my still-sleepy mind only registered the words "re" and "test."  I sighed and thought to myself, That's just swell. I have to go back to Reno to re-test.  I rubbed the crusties that were still in my eyes. Then my vision began to focus on what the words actually said.  The gears were in my head were turning, albeit a little slow.  I eventually began to connect the dots in my mind.... in order for me to "re-certify" I would have to be certified to begin with..... I  am certified!?!  (I never drink coffee in the morning, hence the slow thought processing.)  My deductive logic was confirmed when I saw my registry number in the corner of the page.
I wish I could start every day off with the same elation that I had this morning!  I am pretty sure that I haven't stopped smiling since I found out.  I have already begun discussing with Steve (the EMT teacher at FRC) about the different options available for me to start using my certification and gaining experience in the realm of emergency medical services.

Enthusiasm is the great hill-climber.  
-Elbert Hubbard-

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  1. Well done my loved one!!! Just don't do the "no hands" studying while driving your car. I love you too much!!!